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Collecta Red Panda

Collecta Red Panda

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Red Pandas are endearing creatures renowned for their distinctive appearance and gentle demeanor. These charming mammals are native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, where they inhabit dense bamboo forests. Red Pandas are primarily herbivorous, relishing a diet of bamboo shoots and leaves, supplemented by fruits and insects. Their rust-colored fur, contrasting with white facial markings, adds to their enchanting allure.

These solitary animals are renowned for their arboreal acrobatics, using their long, bushy tails for balance as they navigate the treetops. Despite their name, they are not closely related to giant pandas but are part of a unique family of their own. Red Pandas' elusive nature and captivating appearance make them a symbol of conservation efforts to protect their forested habitats and ensure their continued existence in the wild.

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.3 cm 
Age: 3 years and up 

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