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Bath Sprudels - Egg Bath Bomb

Bath Sprudels - Egg Bath Bomb

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Kids non staining, gentle colour bath bombs with surprise sponges!  3 spotty dotty colourful hatching Egg Sprudels® to choose from, hidden inside each Egg Sprudel is a sponge creature that hatches out of an Egg and there are over 40 different animal / creature shapes to collect!  Plus they each fizz in 2 colours - super exciting!

So what's hiding inside and how do I choose my egg?  Here's a sneak peak of the 3 themes and colours, but there's lots and lots more options hiding inside!

Blue with red dots:  Sea creatures such as sharks, penguins, octopus, fish etc

Turquoise with yellow dots:  Birds and flying insects, swans, albatros, butterflies, dragonflies etc

Orange with green dots:  Reptiles and bugs incl crocs, lizards, tortoises, bees, frogs, ladybirds etc

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