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Munch ECO Facemask Child

Munch ECO Facemask Child

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00% reusable and washable, 100% made in New Zealand (excluding the filter, 3 layer filter system, are not medical grade and wearing this alone will not protect the wearer. is not PPE certified - the filters are tested but as a whole three layer mask it has not been tested.

Filter system:Each mask comes with a filter to be used once. These types of filters can be purchased separately here. However the mask can be used without a filter or simply with a filter from the average kitchen paper towel.  An average kitchen paper towel has a filter system of approximately N70. Note that there are two small holes at the bottom of the mask so you can fit any type of filter. 

Our reusable face masks help to protects our environment as the good facemask is reusable and washable rather than destined for landfill after one use

 Please hand wash your mask. If you are going to machine wash your mask make sure you put it in a laundry bag to protect the surgical ties.

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